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Tools for GNU/Linux distributions creators.


Norean is a collection of tools designed for fast and efficient implementation of GNU/Linux distributions. These tools works has "software bricks", it's possible to use just some of the tools, or all of them.

What's inside ?

The maintained elements are subject to changes - as of now, here are the existing modules we provide:

AAA_base :: Napt :: simpleinit-msb-nra :: Nbed :: NanoFW

Existing implementations of Norean tools (and other Norean related projects)


It's a sister project, but separate of Norean. It's a demonstration implementation of what can be done with Norean. The primary goal for us is to have a small system sufficient enough to develop Norean tools - so it can give only a good start point for implementing something more robust, nothing more.

In practice, Nakooki is a source-centric implementation of Norean tools. That's only a part of what could be done, but far enough for ou use and demonsration. Don't expect official CD iso releases, support, or whatever.

We provide this demo-implementation only in the hope to tease readers' interest, for debugging the Norean tools, to proof that it works, and that one day, peoples creating a real production distribution will use Norean tools, and maintain their own Nbuilds, with their own architecture support concerns, security patches, installation choices etc.

That's the only goal of Norean: provide tools to distribtution creators.


This is a contributor project is maintained by Franco Azzano (fraazz). Its goals are :

  • To maintain localized documentation
  • To provide support for users
  • To maintain last "stable" branch of Nakooki
See its homepage for more details.

Please note Nzone is not maintained by us and does not obey to the same rules.
e.g. our 'no user support', english only [...] politics or organisation don't necessarily apply there.

You too can maintain your own project based on our tools, distrib or community.
We encourage forking and branching.

Who we are

This project was initiated by Martial Daumas (aka MD) and Philippe Nicolaļvitch Mironov (aka MIR) - respectively the former creator and sysAdmin of the Nasgaļa GNU/Linux project, they left in september 2004.

How to contact us

You can find us on IRC:, on the #freecontrib channel.

A usenet group is also available on nntp://
Use these logging values: Username: zoo, Password: entrer. English and french languages are welcome.

Is it a fork of LFS or Nasgaļa ?

Short answer: NO.
Long answer: We use LFS as a start-point on some topics, nothing more, nothing less.

Neither is this a fork of Nasgaļa GNU/Linux - Nasgaļa is a distro, while Norean is simply a collection of tools, most of them being born during the Nasgaļa GNU/Linux creation time, but now these are completelty distinct projects, and even if our tools share similar teminology, they aren't compatible anymore.


None! We are "big bad all-mighty dictators", we do only what WE want, even if we are wrong. We publish our work in the hope that you can find a use for it, but you have no warranty at all, no help - you're on your own - it's good old GPL, get it, use it, hack it, enjoy!

Can I participate ?

Submit valuable bugfixes in the form of unified diff (diff -urN, that apply with -p1 are ok), they're welcome. Please don't request code or system explanations, we just don't have time to spend on this. If you wish to write some code, docs, or anything else you're welcome too.

Important: Only GPL compliant submission will be accepted.

Get access to the sources

With SVN

We use SVN (subversion) instead of CVS, so you need a client (available on most platforms - see, then grab a snapshot of the whole Norean projet by simply typing:

svn co svn://

Browse online (nightly snapshot)
Here you'll also find snapshot tarballs for download, as well as online revisions files.

Using rsync

mkdir -p norean
rsync -rtlPv norean


See the Nakooki repositery for now, until we migrate the Norean specific parts into its own repositery


Filesystem base, FHS compliant, with some additionnal tools and scripts.

Status: stable.

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This is both an advanced package system (Npkg-make, Npkg-install, Npkg-remove), and a 'port' system (Nmake) somewhat similar on many points to FreeBSD's port system, as well as Gentoo's Emerge, or Sourcemage "spell").

Features (some): automatic ldd-based dependancies tracking, advanced additional dependancies tracking, support installations on alternate location, important files preservation system, pre and post installation scripting system, advanced plain text database system reflecting current installation, installation of only non-existing files, rebuilding of any installed package etc...

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This is a 'user-friendly' front-end to Ncooker, making semi-automated management of source-based packages as well as binary pre-build packages a relatively intuituve task. This tool can be seen, in its functionnalities as an hybrid of Urmpi, apt, emerge, and similar tools.

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A 'dialog' based tool for on-demand embedded system creation (e.g: Live-cd, usb key etc..). It allows creation of fully customized Live-cd in a few minutes, using normal packages, not special things. If fact, our init-scripts are Nbed-compliant from scratch, only the existence of an 'NBED' file at the root of filesystem will trigger variant action to work smooth on a read-only media. That's all, everything else is excatly the same that what's used on the Hard-drive, nothing to adapt, it works exactly the same.

It can be used at for easy creation of (non-exhaustive): advanced Live-rescue, live-desktop, autoconfiguring DHCP client and LAN, gateways, NAT-box, Distribution specific install-CD (binaries and or sources based), cluster nodes, media-box etc...

Here are some screenshots of Nbed (v. 0.1) in action (on a nakooki-0.1 system):

nbed doc browser nbed main screen a package being installed selection of packages packages actions

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Our own simpleinit based on the fork of Matthias Benkmann, with our very specific (base system related) init scripts. Note: these script will soon be maintained out of the simpleinit module itself for improved modularity).

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NanoFW is our iptables-based "personnal firewall". It also supports NAT (to turn your system to a gateway).

Default rules follows a safe approach: "Everything coming from the outside is blocked, unless allowed (via the plugins) or is really attended traffic".

Two configuration directories start/ and stop/ are use to add per-package (or for sysadmin use) rules, making it very modular

Audits and feedback are higly welcome, as long it doesn't mean turning NanoFW into "bloatware" - it must work mostly "out of the box" and stay simple to use/understand/modify.
Prefer Bastille or such for complex situations/need.

Oh, i forgot, We formerly bundled nanofw with iptables, but since it's a separate package, it comes with files that permits it's use on Gentoo and most linux distros.
Submit support files for other widespread distros, please !

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