Support and documentations for Norean users

So what ?

This project is a contributor one, separated and not maintained by the Norean team.
It's first aim is to discover the N galaxy, share experiences and have fun.
Giving feedback to the developers and last - but not least - support to users will also be considered :)

You should expect to find here documentations in french and/or english, points of view, hints, tests reports ...
The n-1 branch of Nakooki will be maintained - bugfixes and norean tools updates.

As a starting point, don't miss the Frequently Asked Questions

Who ?

This project is maintained by Franco Azzano (aka fraazz), feel free to join, fork or branch !


You can find us on, channel #freecontrib.


None yet !
Will be set up on the fly if necessary ...

Can I participate ?

Of course ! Sharing experiences and advices is always valuated.

Important: Only GPL compliant submission will be accepted.

Get the sources

With SVN

We use SVN (subversion), so you need a client (available on most platforms - see, then grab a snapshot of the whole Nzone project by typing:

svn co svn://

Browse online (nightly snapshot)
Here you'll also find snapshot tarballs for download, as well as online revisions files.